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Your rear window is often one of the trickiest vehicle windows to replace. Not only is it sometimes difficult to get to, but it also has the ability to heat itself.

This can often prove costly and time-consuming if you go to a national windscreen company. But this isn't the case at Supreme Windscreens in Worcester. Established over 20 years, we're proud of our excellent service history. And because we'd like it to continue that way, we can offer you huge DISCOUNTS off the price of going to a national windscreen replacement company!


Plus we have a huge range of low cost used rear screens.


We have thousands of replacement rear windscreens in stock, and expert windscreen fitters ready to install them for you. We'll take care of everything - installing your rear windscreen and connecting all the electrics - right down to giving your windscreen a wipe over. And all at no extra cost!

So come to Windscreens Worcester to have your rear windscreen fitted. We guarantee you won't be disappointed with our service!


We will also come to your home or work at no extra cost.


You can trust us to do a first class job and save you money at the same time.


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